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Cookies and Client-Side Storage

This website doesn't use cookies. If you see cookies created by this website, please let me know at john@hackerfiction.email.

This website also doesn't use other means of client-side storage besides cookies. What you may see is your browser caching content from this website and a stored strict transport security (HSTS) entry which instructs your browser to always use hackerfiction.net with a secure connection.

I try to embed as little third-party content as possible and use the youtube-nocookie.com domain for embedded YouTube videos.

The Newsletter

The Hacker Chronicles newsletter is hosted by Buttondown.email. I chose Buttondown specifically for their commitment to privacy.

Please refer to Buttondown's privacy policy and their cookie policy. Those policies are mostly written for me as a customer of theirs but they do go into their data handling.

The Hacker Chronicles newsletter is hosted on a dedicated domain called hackerfiction.email to keep it separate from hackerfiction.net, and hackerfiction.email should not use cookies or client-side storage. However, subscribe.hackerfiction.email has a CNAME record pointing it to buttondown.email. While I've checked that no cookies or other means of client-side storage are used on subscribe.hackerfiction.email, I'm not in control of the server-side code on buttondown.email which means a change on their side could cause changes on subscribe.hackerfiction.email. Please let me know at john@hackerfiction.email if you see cookies or client-side storage on hackerfiction.email.