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  • Fabulous book!! I want more!! Excellent story, plots within plots, technically sound regarding the hacking, great character development, exciting pacing …

    – L. J. Erste

  • Fast-paced, great characters, and grapples with technology and society issues that are near-and-dear to hackers and will make any reader think.

    – Dan Cornell

  • This was a really fun read in the vein of Hackers, Sneakers, the Net, and other great hacking movies. I loved the characters. The stakes felt real.

    – John Wilker

  • It's a page turner. The suspense, the romance, the stage for the security-privacy near future plot make this a quick and delightful read.

    – Adam Baso

  • If you enjoyed Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, Homeland and Attack Surface, this book will feel just right, and fits in with their dystopian surveillance nightmare.

    – KJ

  • Identified reveals the near future, in which the government surveillance apparatus, as revealed to us by Snowden, has grown immeasurably powerful.

    – Ryan G

  • The story is great, the main characters are memorable, and the ending was satisfying.

    – Mark Papadakis

  • More technically accurate than a typical hacker book.

    – Adriana Porter Felt

  • A caper for computer geeks.

    – Eric Lawrence

A mock book at an angle with a cover looking as follows - dark gray background, a stylized title Identified, a vectorized facial recognition model in cyan, and the text 'A hacker thriller by John Wilander'.

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